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Newest Maps

Oct 27, 2017

(((Versus Hero Arena)))4E

A great game, witch multimodes of Game, witch imba heros.
the heros are a rock metal band existend. 

Download (((Versus Hero Arena)))4E.w3x
Server 1     |      Server 2

War of Argent v2.19a

War of Argent v2.19a alive. 

Download War of Argent v2.19a.w3x
Server 1     |      Server 2

Battle Tanks Future-Mod 2.85

Der Krieg zwischen der Hellen Streitmacht und der Dunklen Streitmacht halt nun schon einige Zeit an. Kaufe Panzer, Waffen und Ausrustungen um den Feind zu besiegen!

Erstellt von der SDSK Production 

Download Battle Tanks Future-Mod 2.85.w3x
Server 1     |      Server 2

League of Kalimdor II 1.57 AI - LoK 2 v1.57 AI

-80 heroes (AP)

-requires patch 1.27b or higher for multiplayer 

Download League of Kalimdor II 1.57 AI - LoK 2 v1.57 AI.w3x
Server 1     |      Server 2

Raze v5.04 AI

No Map Description Available 

Download Raze v5.04 AI.w3x
Server 1     |      Server 2

Resident Evil Nemesis 1.0[AI]

Other game of Resident Evil (Nemesis) for warcraft III

please just like www.facebook.com/Deathkok 

Download Resident Evil Nemesis 1.0[AI].w3x
Server 1     |      Server 2

The Unsolvable Revolution v1.6

This map is a 'Full House' or a 3 v 3, There are 'Bots' or what you can consider bots in the map that will use abilities when needed. but once they cast their spells, they will stop attacking, which i need someone to help me with cause I don't have any idea how to make them attack when their done. but if they return to the 'Hero altar stone' they will once again arise to conquer the fields.

Download The Unsolvable Revolution v1.6.w3x
Server 1     |      Server 2

Vo~LâmDefense VN V1.8

Map van dang phat trien , con nhieu loi mong cac ban thong cam!!!
TTT.TienTrungTinh Th¹n !!!

nguyen ngoc linh
ung ho anh ay nhe mina 


Download Vo~LâmDefense VN V1.8.w3x
Server 1     |      Server 2

Assassins II v0.2.5a +AI

game modes: -hm, -dm, -tm2, -tm3, -ctf, -banbomb, -antimh
camera modes: -fpon, -fpoff 

Creator Baintastic
Supported by GoldenClaw-SH 

Download Assassins II v0.2.5a +AI.w3x
Server 1     |      Server 2

May 19, 2017

Paladin's Beginning v.Beta

Travel with paladin and play all 3 checkpoints [ in v.Full only ]

& Complete with Prince Paladin's magical spell effects. [ Skill +3 ]

Download Paladin's Beginning v.Beta.w3x
Server 1     |      Server 2