Crystal Maiden Wars 1.13 (AI)

Angel Arena †Oblivion† v16 AI

Infinity v1.13 AI

WoW: Clash of Legends +AI [1.0.c]

SG DotA 7.31 AI

Fight of Anime 0.2 (Fixed) AI

DotA v6.81b AI Unofficial

Battle for One Piece 0.2 AI

Ninja Duel AI v1.8

Union Of Fury v2.3 AI

Ring Out v1.7 AI

Battle Tanks 8.80c AI

Battle for One Piece 0.1 AI

Union-Of-Fury AI 1.1

Credits of Created Maps BY :

by -Kobas- by -Pescarmona360.! by ..... by 16kg by :D by <sonic0203> by @cers Th@ts ME by [Christpher Mercz] by [M]-Stalker-1 by [T]art by [TGM] Team by [WeaD]DaMaGe by [WOW8暗影学-jiwalv] by Aeroblyctos by alexpark242 & panosXX by Ali.Najafi by an666a by Andrea Riona (Reyzu) by anduwar3 by anhthien372 by Anonymouse? by APproject by Archangel by asasinclar2010 by Azer by BaDPlayer! by Baintastic by Benzkung by bisnar13 by Blade Master by Blizzard Entertainment by Bluetime by Bonestrike A- Game-Mora by Bonestrike A- Omega Pro by By Hooman war3 Bonuse Maps by By: Cerrada-- by c2 by CodeBlack by Cokemonkey11 by coolyoshi by crozZz by Dafling & Vladimir3388 by Dalvengyr by Dalvengyr a.k.a ..... by Daredeamon by Dark Gambler by Dark Souls by Dark-Zalor by Dark69/Light69/Salmoon by DarkWeaver by Dauz Crazier by DazzleFirst by 5.02.2014 by ??.01.2014 by DeathChef by Demilivor by DENj & Tornak by dhguardianes by Dorothy_Gale by Dota_fun1 by Drunk3nPanda by Edited : The-Forsaken by Electríc by Erkan by eubz by Exodus by fang__00 by Fap-Fap by FatalBlade by Fire_Arkangel by Flick by FrostSnake by Frostwyrm by G A T E by Galles by GEORGIAN by GlareGlow by God of light by Golden Egg by Grievous1 by Gyldarts a.k.a. Arisato by Henrik by HEROCRAFTER by Hjunyu1999 by HUAN LOVE by Ice_Water by IceFrog by IceFrog Indonesian by Imba_pvL by Janrey by Jasper Tamayo Entertainment by Jazz by JC984 by Jefferson9400 by jiwalv by Joshua by Joshua Culdora by JoyJ by Jph.HBK by jxtranghero by Kafana (Nikola Luburic) by Kapa6ac by Karnwield by KeLtHu.ZAD by by Khchinn by Killer_Mig_Selv Presents: by kingking by Knez&SG Editor by Krishna - Krishna by Kurogame by KuWe by leventopoulo by Lightlord24x (Garena) by Luis Lazo by LuLu by m4Name by Made By Usfshihy by Makarenko Alexey by Mark Joseph Ailes by Mckill2009 by MD by Melissa by Melodia by Mimya by Mist123 by MjnWu by MoCo by Mr_Bean by Mysharkq by N0t 4 No_Ob by Napoqe by Neo_Sluf by Niem Vui Online by NK by NK(aka Melodia) by none by none and abam96 by Nosferatus and Clan FaG by O by O\v/ninG by Ofel by oGre_ by PainRelievers by Paladon & Velocity2k by Pazzoberserk by PentaPOD@Dariss by perrosuper2 by phuasjn(UtouchmeUdie) by PrideTeam by ProblemBro by PTOfShadowFlame by Purparisien by Pyro by Qd by Ragon.Slear + Cacciatore by RaúlStokerO'Reillys by Recon092 by RedBeef by Redoubt by ReginaldMatt by Rewenger by RhyJames187 by Rodrigo's Arts by Rosenman by RushHour777(GER) by Ryan Entertainment by S@ntaria by SG Editor by Shadow Flux by Shark_4_you by SHIKUSO by Shtanko Vasiliy by SilentKillah by Sin'dorei300 by Solange by SonofJay by Sookagavno by Sourc[e]x by Spathis by Spellcaster by Strahinja by Strahinja1989 by sunt_chiar_zeu by Sur5al by Sverkerman by T/-/3 BL!ND by Tasyen by Teldrassil by TerpeNTine by Tickles by TKBadong by Toadcop[BuranX] by Touhou DotS Development Team by tronglinh by unknown by Valkemiere by Vexxel by Vexxel XL by vovochka by vvopaa by Vvopaa Abidin2171 MGT1_XPert by WeImpeccable by Wexz by World of Raidcraft by Xaax by xRiotZx by XxlorddeldarkxX by YeeKhang(M'sia) by Yudhistira by zaabon by Zagor by ZeRoB (first TheZizz) by ~PoTaP-editor~ by Владислав Семиряд by МертвыйКирпич by Неизвестно by 东方节操联盟 by 六翼 修 by 米米亚 by 紅狼:牙 by 红狼:牙 by 莫丶小伊